Innovation Internship Program

The WIB Innovation Internship Program is a partnership with high-potential start-ups to provide unique, business-oriented internships for WIB associates interested in entrepreneurship. This program streamlines the usually tedious process of searching for qualified interns by supplying start-ups with a pre-reviewed pool of applicants who are excited and invested in the opportunity to work at a startup. The mission of the program includes diversifying the start-up culture, inspiring the exploration of careers in innovation and  empowering women by providing interns with fundamental skills and experience to navigate these fields.


The Timeline

September 14th

WIB associates - Internship application deadline. Associates can only apply to 3 internship positions.

October 1st

Ventures - Submit all final results of acceptances and rejections to

The Process

Stage One: Selecting the Ventures

Former Selected Ventures need to submit an interest form which are not yet released. The WIB Innovation Committee will then conduct interviews with each Venture applicant and review all submissions to ensure a good fit between the venture and our program. 

January 5th 

WIB associates - Complete survey about internship experience.






Stage Two: Selecting the WIB Associates

After the final selection of ventures, WIB associates submit an application on this website. The application will consist of basic information, a resume, and a cover letter that is unique to each venture’s internship. Due to the interest in our membership,  the internship program will begin in the fall, but applications will open by mid-August.

Each company will review the applications and conduct interviews with the applicants to determine the offering of an internship opportunity.

Stage Three: Completing the Internship

After the internship, each WIB associate will be required to complete a survey, commenting on their overall experience at the start-up, their roles and responsibilities, and their satisfaction with the internship. Their recommendation will then be posted on HUWIB’s website under the name of each venture