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Committee Applications

Application Information


In order to be eligible for the following position, you must have successfully passed the WIBternship.


This application should be completed using the form below. Your resume must also be submitted electronically to by Sunday, November 25th at 11:59 PM.

If you are applying for Design & Branding under the Marketing committee, you are also encouraged to submit either samples of previous work and/or sample design ideas for HUWIB publications to Design experience is not required, but if you do have experience please submit samples.


All applicants will be granted an interview. Interviews will tentatively take place from November 30th through December 2nd. Interview sign-ups will be released by November 28th. You will be expected to sign up for a time slot relatively quickly. Interviews will be 10 minutes each and will be conducted with select members of the executive board, including the Co-Presidents.


Please email 2019 Co-Presidents Erin McCarthy ( and Charlotte Kim ( should you have any questions regarding the application process.

Office Hours

Monday, November 26th from 10:30am-1:30pm in the Smith Campus Center (near Blackbird Doughnuts).


November 18th

Applications Open

November 25th

Applications + Resumes Due

November 28th

Interview Signups Released

November 30th-December 2nd


An application button will appear here when applications go live. Please read the committee descriptions below before applying.

Committee Descriptions

Below are the 9 committees. Each committee is run by an Executive Board member who reports to the Co-Presidents as well as the rest of the Executive Board. The Executive Board is comprised of the Co-Presidents and the Committee Chairs. Each committee is comprised of 6-15 members who report to the Chair. Committee positions are held for one year (December to November of the following year) and require a weekly meeting, along with various weekly assignments. The committee positions are listed below, but note that multiple members may hold the same position. We encourage you to keep an open mind when applying to a committee. Specifying a sub-committee position (listed in the right column) is not necessary. Sub-committee positions are subject to change and will be determined later on, based on committee members’ interests and skills.

Please note that this year, the Treasurer is listed under Sponsorships and that the responsibilities of last year’s Innovation Committee have been distributed throughout Career Development, Diversity, and Expeditions.

Alumnae Relations Committee

Alumnae Relations is responsible for building and maintaining communication with former HUWIB members to serve as resources for those part of the HUWIB network, particularly through maintaining and enhancing the HUWIB Alumnae Database. The committee reaches out to alumnae and hosts alumnae events, both on campus and in cities across the nation.

Alumnae Events Directors (2): Maintain relationships with our HUWIB alumnae through planning alumnae events at Harvard and around the nation.

Alumnae Communications Director (1): Manage HUWIB alumnae database and innovate new ways to best maintain and foster communication with our alumnae.

Career Development Committee

The Career Development Committee coordinates the educational and professional development of HUWIB's members through workshops, networking events, collaboration with HBS, professor dinners, panels, mentorship, and other programs. This year, the committee will particularly focus on increasing educational opportunities about a wide range of industries.

Job Recruiting Directors (2): Plan WIB-exclusive networking events by reaching out to companies and planning logistics, maintain recruiting calendar, and develop internal recruiting resources (including handbooks and industry spotlights)

Business School Director (1): Plan professor dinners and spearhead the HBS mentorship program.

Internal Career Development Director (1): Organize industry-specific dinners for WIB members and develop internal advising program for WIB members seeking recruiting assistance.

Innovation Directors (2): Organize innovation-related networking events, panels, startup internships, and mentorship pairings with VC/entrepreneurial firms.

Community Outreach Committee

The Community Outreach Committee (formerly “External Initiatives”) will drive initiatives to educate high school students and give back to the local Boston community. As such, the committee will focus on organizing YWBLC, as well as spearhead HUWIB’s internal and external philanthropy/scholarships initiatives.

Philanthropy Directors (2): Coordinates WIB volunteering efforts, organizes networking events with nonprofit companies, and arranges internal and external scholarships.

YWBLC Directors (2): Lead the planning of YWBLC, growing the conference to new heights.

YWBLC Associates (5): Assist in the planning of YWBLC, including outreach, logistics, and programming.

Diversity Committee

The Diversity Committee (new in 2018-2019) will organize and execute WIB Allies and WIB’s Social Impact Conference (which will combine the former Innovation Competition and former IWIB conferences. This conference will have a particular focus on social innovation, diversity, and philanthropy). The committee will also conceive of and implement diversity initiatives within HUWIB, including contacting local speakers who specialize in promoting or who represent diversity and working with the rest of HUWIB to increase the prevalence of diversity throughout the organization.

Diversity Directors (2): Organize WIB Allies, innovate diversity efforts on campus, and spearhead partnerships with other student groups.

Social Impact Conference Directors (2): Lead the planning of the Social Impact Conference.

Expeditions Committee

The Expeditions Committee (formerly “Outreach”) will seek to facilitate the professional development of HUWIB members by exposing them to the various opportunities available in the business world after graduation. The Committee organizes annual Career Exploratory trips: one to New York in the spring and another to an international location in the winter. This year, the Committee will also direct our SWL (Society of Women Leaders) relationship, including collaborating with Stanford’s WIB to plan a joint exploratory trip to Silicon Valley.

Expeditions Directors (6): Fundraise, select the locations, publicize, and plan the logistics for our two career exploratory trips.

1 SWL Director (1): Maintain our relationship with SWL and coordinate a joint trip with Stanford’s WIB.

Intercollegiate Business Convention Committee

The IBC Committee will be responsible for planning HUWIB’s largest event, the Intercollegiate Business Convention. IBC is the world’s largest female undergraduate business conference. This year’s committee will play a critical role in determining the future vision for IBC, particularly regarding its venue, cost structure, size, and scholarships.

Directors (9): Conduct speaker outreach (to top-tier keynotes and 100+ panelists in a wide range of industries), solicit in-kind sponsorships, publicize the event through outreach and the CALP program, plan logistics, and play a critical role in shaping the new mission/brand for IBC.

Marketing Committee

The Marketing Committee designs all of HUWIB’s publicity material, maintains its three websites, and directs all other publication material. This year, its initiatives will include developing the new online women’s business journal, The Glass Floor, as well as HUWIB’s own campus merchandise line.

Glass Floor Directors (3) (Editor-in-Chief; Managing Editor; Publication Director): Run The Glass Floor, including commissioning articles from students and professionals, editing, and publishing on our website.

Design & Branding Directors (4): Play a critical role in shaping the image and brand of HUWIB, by designing all publication material for print and online.

Technology Directors (2): Maintain HUWIB’s 3 websites, which are the face of the organization to the public.

Merchandise Director (1): Spearhead the exciting new merchandise line.

Membership Development Committee

The Membership Development Committee is responsible for developing and implementing the programming for the WIBternship, as well as for fostering a strong internal community within the organization. This year, the Committee will play a critical role in fostering tighter connections between committees and HUWIB members.

WIBternship Director (1): Lead the planning of the WIBternship.

WIBternship Associate Directors (4): Assist in the planning of the WIBternship, including by conducting speaker outreach, planning additional events, coordinating the logistics, and helping to shape the vision.

Community Relations Directors (2): Organize WIB-wide events and committee outings and help coordinate the logistics of two new initiatives (open board meetings and joint committee meetings).

Sponsorships Committee

The Sponsorships Committee forms the financial backbone of HUWIB. The committee is responsible for defining HUWIB’s revenue model, securing sponsors, and maintaining relationships. By raising funds and securing sponsors, the Sponsorships Committee allows HUWIB Associates to attend the annual New York Trip, orchestrate the Intercollegiate Business Convention, and take part in an International Trip.

Treasurer (1): Work closely with both Sponsorships and the Executive Board to manage HUWIB’s funds.

Sponsorships Directors (8): Communicate and negotiate with top-tier companies to secure sponsorships for HUWIB.